You have joined to promote your business

You've joined the forums so you can promote your services to small business owners and other members! It's a solid idea! But you need to do it in the right way. Remember, the forums are for discussing business primarily. There are areas of the site where you can promote so take a minute to understand which ones.


  • Use your signature area to tell us about your business and services
  • Upgrade so you can post in the Marketplace
  • Check out our oh so reasonably priced Member Adverts


  • Create a new thread purely to advertise a product / service etc. That is only appropriate in the Marketplace.
  • Post about your services in answer to a question. If you offer marketing for example and someone asks how they can market their business, offer them your opinion or advice. Show your expertise through knowledge. They'll soon remember you when they need some marketing services.*
  • Ask people to review your website unless you are a Full Member. There is a Website review area of the site specifically for this purpose. 

*There are of course a thousand different businesses on the forums, not just marketers. That is but a mere example of the amazingly diverse range of professionals.

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