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A signature is pretty much what it says on the tin (sorry not you Tin). Under every message that you post, a short area of text will be added. You can put anything you like in there, your business name, Twitter handle, favourite cheese perhaps?

Signatures are prime real estate in the forums. Just given some amazing advice on the forum about how to use email marketing? Well that's a great opportunity to add a note to your signature stating that you actually offer email marketing as a service!

Signatures make sure that the whole forums don't become overrun with people offering tenders and generally touting for work. Let your business advice and valued contributions do the talking and people will easily be able to find the details they need in your signature. Everyone wins.

Full Members have greater freedom with their signatures, as the table below shows:

Signature feature

 Number of lines in signatureNumber of characters allowed (including BBcode)Hyperlinks allowed
Free Member 3 240 NO
Full Member 5 400 YES

Please do not add a signature into your post to circumvent these rules – this will result in a strike against your UKBF account.

Please also note that no hyperlinks are allowed on Free members' signatures.

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