What is Membership + and how to purchase

We've teamed up with Huddlebuy to offer both a UKBF Full Membership and a Huddlebuy Gold Card for just £99.

Already a full member? No problem, if you purchase the new package we'll refund you your initial membership fee. Just send a PM to username: Dan Izzard (me!) and we'll get it sorted for you.

Some of the discounts included with a Huddlebuy card include:

  • 10% off Apple products
  • FREE Google Maps & Local Optimisation
  • Free Access to Luxurious i2 Business Lounges
  • 20% discount on pre-paid oyster cards
  • Beers!
  • And much much more...
 Huddlebuy is the UK’s leading benefits service for small businesses. We are proud to offer a great deal incorporating both full UK Business Forum membership and the Huddlebuy Gold Card discount. 
For more information about Huddlebuy as a business, please see their website.
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