Using the Private Forums (Full Member Feature)

The Private forums

UKBF's Private Forums exist to give Full Members a secure area for discussion, which is not indexed by the search engines. The Private Forums are a benefit of Full membership and as such, the Rules will be enforced less rigorously than elsewhere in the public areas of UKBF.

Posts in the Private forums contribute to your total post count.

Please remember that although the Private forums are a benefit of UKBF Full membership, the rights of all UKBF Full members must be respected. As such, moderation will still take place in the Private forum for any posts that contain inappropriate content.

Review My Website

In the past, a public version of 'Review My Website' began to be abused and filled with spam and self promotional adverts. For this reason it was moved to the Private Forums and became a benefit of Full membership. Posts elsewhere on UK Business Forums asking for reviews of websites will be removed.

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