Administrators & Moderating Team

The structure of UKBF's administrators and moderators is as follows:

Administrators - are employees of Sift Media, the owners of UKBF, and look after the technical aspects of the forums and manage members' forum accounts.

UKBF's administrators are employed by Sift Media to oversee developments to the forums and to support UKBF members with any issues they might encounter whilst using the forums. In addition to the rights and permissions of moderators, administrators can edit members' details and edit, move and delete the forums themselves. Not all administrators are active at any one time, and the number of administrators reflects our aim to have support available at all times during the working day (9.00am – 5.30pm GMT, Monday – Friday).

Your administrator is: Dan Izzard

Moderators – are UKBF members who volunteer to help with the smooth running of the forums and enforcement of these policies.

UKBF's moderators are long-standing members of the UKBF community, who offer their time and effort to keeping forum usage and content under control. The moderators have the rights and permissions to edit, move and delete threads or posts within UKBF, and also to impose strikes on members who contravene forum rules.

Your moderators are:

      • Ray (UKBF ID: Tin)
      • Jeff (UKBF ID: JeffFV)
      • James (UKBF ID: OldWelshGuy)
      • David (UKBF ID: David Griffiths)
      • Maxine (UKBF ID: Maxine)
      • Paul (UKBF ID: Consultant)
      • Gareth (UKBF ID: Faevilangel)
      • Richard (UKBF ID: Kulture)

Private communication between UKBF administrators/moderators and forum members must not be made public on these forums or by any other communication channel.

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