How to avoid posting SPAM

Spam posting of any type is not tolerated. Accounts created purely for the purpose of filling the forum with advertising messages will be permanently removed at the discretion of the moderation team and Sift Media. We do, however, appreciate that many members gain benefit from the business added exposure that their time on UKBF affords. To help clarify what is and is not regarded as spam here's a list of DOs and DON'Ts:


Introduce yourself and join in with local networking discussions.

Share your experiences and advice backed up with professional information (to show you know your stuff).

Refer and link to your business / work when relevant and useful to the discussion.

Include business information in your signature and profile so that anyone who is interested can find out more (remember, only Full Members may have live links in their signatures).

Request services by posting in our Tenders forum



Post job offers or requests in threads - there is, however, a private jobs and tenders forum available to Full Members

Ignore the topic - people start threads to ask for help and advice. Sales pitches on their own aren't helpful, nor is dropping links or offers that are off-topic. Let the OP (original poster) know why you're interested in helping them and what you can do.

Start threads purely to self-promote.

Drop lots of links in posts. One relevant link is fine. Multiple links to your own business or posting of affiliate links is spamming.

Post "stubs" - if a member asks for a recommendation or support and you can help, let them know. Tell them more than your name and number though! That way they'll be more likely to reply to you and people reading the thread can benefit as well.

Send spam private messages advertising your services. Nobody likes spam so please make sure any messages you send are personal and relevant. If a member has specified that they do not wish to receive unsolicited PMs then please respect that.

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